Updated Charges As Of 1st November 2022

A few new/updated policies will be in place as of November 1st due to situations that keep arising in salon. As a busy salon our time is precisely planned & valuable therefore the following will be applied.

No shows: if you fail to attend your appointment a full 100% groom charge will apply.

Cancellations: if you cancel within less than 24 hours notice a 50% groom charge will apply.

Late collection: Once we have allocated a collection time for your dog, we allow 15mins grace after. However any one collecting later than this will incur a £5 per 15min charge.

Early arrivals: we are a small salon and are limited for space, therefore we can’t always accept your dog earlier than planned. If you arrive early, please wait until your allocated time. If you wish to arrange to drop your pup with us earlier it will again be £5 per 15mins prior.

We hope you understand, we are trying to run the business as efficiently as possible and to maximise quality time with your dog. In these difficult times I hate to increase costs but feel this is necessary and fair as we loose out for the above circumstances.

Jill 🐶