Totally Delish....

We are pleased to announce that Alfie & Bear now stock... Neoh & Nobo!

If you don't already know, they are the top dog in treating! Working with the ideal that natural comes first, providing treats with health & well-being at the forefront. Named after a treasured pet called Neoh and his favourite toy Nobo the brand was inspired by all of his favourite things...

Neoh And Nobo - Alfie & Bear Blog

Recipes are kept simple, meaning the highest quality of ingredients can be sourced to make the treats even more yummy. Each treat is derived from nature to ensure it can be safely consumed by your dog. 

Our top picks from the Neoh & Nobo collection include the Butternut X Vanilla Bean dog biscuits which includes the warmth from butternut squash and vanilla bean. They help promote healthy digestion and metabolism maintenance. 

Neoh & Nobo Dog Biscuits - Alfie And Bear

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Possibly its most famous treat is The Dog's Butter Peanut Butter for dogs, made edible in baked treats, over food or simply off the spoon! It's full of nutty goodness sweetened with a hint of cinnamon. It boasts the ability to boost both the immune and digestive system. 

Neoh & Nobo Dogs Peanut Butter - Alfie & Bear Dog Blog

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Finally, whats happiness without a sparkle of sunshine? Add a taste of tropical to your dogs diet with the Papaya X Pumpkin Seed dog biscuits. Full of flavour with a hint of apple, banana and beetroot these pretty pink biscuits are full of fibre and vitamins which aid your dogs skin and coat. 

Neoh & Nobo Papaya X Pumpkin Seed Dog Biscuits - Alfie & Bear

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The collection is now available to buy online and inshore now with prices from £3.49