Grooming Tips - Pre Wash Prep

Although it seems like placing your dog in the bath is a simple idea, we as groomers do a lot of pre work before we wash your dog. I would recommend that you follow the pre bath time routine to get the best out of your at home groom. 

After following our paw tips, give your dogs ears a quick clean to remove any waxy build up (please use a pet approved cleaner - like the For All Dog Kind cleaner available here) and be aware of any shaking, odour or soreness that might indicate an infection in the ear.

1. Slicker Brush

Ensure you have a slicker brush shown like the one below, metal pins with no caps on the top. It might feel prickly/sharp to touch but it is perfectly fine to use on your dogs coat. It is important to get to the root of your dogs coat to prevent any matts or tangles occurring. Brush your dog in sections making sure you brush to the skin, its best if you make small sections and work from the root outwards. 


2. Combing

To make sure you have caught all the knots and tangles go over each section with a metal comb, like the one shown. Use both the small & separated prongs on each side to ensure the coat is separated. Use this everywhere on the dogs body.

3. Please be aware...

If your dog has bad knots or matts and it is proving grooming is very uncomfortable for them please contact your groomer, as removing these requires an expert. Your dogs safety and health is foremost important please DO NOT attempt to cut or removed severe knots at home. Groomers will often have to shave these areas and have been trained to do this whilst protecting the dog. 

Thank you for reading grooming tips, we look forward to giving you at home advice for your pups...

Thanks Jill xx