Meet The Boys...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog, what better way to start than to introduce the 3 young gentlemen that inspired this site, my oldest is Duke - aka Trouble. Duke is a 10-year-old Labrador/Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Breed, with brindle colouring in sumptuous chocolates and tans with stunning amber eyes.

Originally from Wales, Duke, was rescued as a stray by a beautiful centre bad in Ascot. Living in London at the time, I approached the kennels to enquire about providing a home for one of their dogs, and based on the criteria I provided from specific questions they asked the staff chose the dogs they felt suitable for me. 

Duke- Alfie & Bear Dog Blog

Policy at the rescue centre meant that they would choose three dogs they felt would fit within my lifestyle and they would bring them out to me one by one, I was not able to browse the kennels. The first dog they brought out to show me was an incredibly cute 6 month old crossbreed puppy, and that was it, I was in love. Already named Duke, he was certainly befitting of his noble title.

Duke and I made the move to my home town, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and settled back in to family life along side my childhood Yorkshire Terrier Max, with the two boys soon becoming best of friends. Duke is a delightful dog, full of energy and love. He is extremely excitable, loves to play and enjoys his long sunday walks. At home Duke loves to lounge in front of the fire, cuddle on the sofa and help mam with the cooking!

In late summer 2012, Max, passed away at the age of 17. A massive loss to the family, we found comfort in his long, healthy life and the joy that he brought in his time with us. I feel I could not begin a venture like this without mentioning Max, as a key transitional part of my life he was a true and loyal friend.

Barney - Alfie & Bear Dog Blog

Gorgeous boy number 2 is Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Barney - aka Barney Bear he is jet black and beige with speckles of bright white patches.

He is a very relaxed puppy, who loves his sleep and feeding times! He started life with us as very timid and laid back, but his character shines through more so each day, showing a very cheeky, confident and playful side to his nature. 

Barney loves nothing more than to chew, with an array of toys currently satisfying his wishes, along with a few shoe laces. Slightly bigger in stature, Barney was the biggest of a litter of 3, in which 1 was unfortunately lost. Barney is settling into family life alongside his gorgeous little brother...

Which leads me to introduce the littlest and last of our pack, Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Alfie - aka Alfie Moon. Alfie is full of life and is also jet black colouring with beautiful contrasting tan shades.

Alfie - Alfie & Bear Dog Blog

Being significantly smaller than his brother, Alfie is the definition of a teacup terrier, his cuteness is beyond belief, but his size does not define his character, he is as big a personality as it comes. Full of life Alfie loves nothing more than tussling with his brother and sharing a pull toy. He is the most vocal of the brothers, with little growls and yelps to try assert his authority.

When it comes to cuddles Alfie loves to snuggle in and take a nap, but just as comforting is his big brother Barney, often sleeping intertwined in their shared bed. 

 We are lucky to have such a wonderful family of dogs and we look forward to sharing their lives with you. 

As a profound dog lover, the purpose of the blog is to share with you my doggy experiences, products, tips and advice.  We all very much hope you enjoy!