It's Firework Season...

It is once again upon us, firework season...

For lots of dogs this can create a huge sense of fret and anxiety. It can be a concerning time more many dog owners. 

Whilst we know no method is fool proof we wanted to offer you some small tips on how to help re assure your dog. We've taken our tips for the dogs trust who have so much experience taking care of dogs so we hope it helps! 

  • Make sure your house is secure - as dogs will try and runaway from loud noises and will find any way to escape. 
  • Please walk your dog BEFORE dark - the dark can make it all that more scary for dogs when they can't understand  where the noises are coming from and how close of far they are. Also exercising your dog may make them less sensitive to the noises if they are worn out. 
  • Let your dog play or hide as they please - try not to restrict them doing something which makes them feel more at ease - even though you might feel cuddling them is what they want. 
  • Give your dog reassurance and comfort if they seek it. 
  • Build a cosy den for your dog - giving them a safe space will comfort them. 
  • Never force your dog outside. 

We hope these small tips help, wishing you and your dog the safest November