How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer...

Whilst we're all super happy that summer has arrived, we must remember that although our dogs do enjoy sunbathing as much as we do, it's so much easier for them to over heat very suddenly, which can have fatal consequences. 
We wanted to write you a short guide on signs to look out for and tips to reduce the risk of overheating occurring. 
- Fact -
Did you know that dogs are more prone to heatstroke because they don't sweat the same way as humans. Dogs cool themselves through the pads of their feel and by panting. Heatstroke, if not treated immediately, can cause organ failure and/or death.
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- Signs to look out for -
Your dog appears lethargic, confused or sluggish
Your dogs tongue and gums are bright red or very dark in colour
Your dog is panting excessively
Your dog appears to have a sticky or dry tongue and gums 
Your dog begins to have seizures
Your dogs heartbeat increases rapidly
Your dog has blood stained diarrhoea and/or vomiting
How To Keep Your Dog Cool - Alfie And Bear Dog Blog 
- What to do - 
If your dog is showing any of the above signs we would recommend the following action
Find your dog some shade and remove them from the heat
Cool your dog with tepid cold water ( not ice cold as this can constrict their blood vessels and impact on their cooling ) 
Contact your vet immediately
- Preventative tips to avoid heatstroke - 
Get your dog a cooling mat, bed or pad 
Get your dog a good dog house or tent where they can seek shade
Tie a wet bandana around your dogs neck 
Get a paddling pool for your dog to splash around in 
Set up a fan in your dogs den 
Always give your dog access to fresh drinking water
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We cannot stress enough DO NOT leave your dog in a car unattended on a hot day results are always FATAL.
Also on hot days restrict your dogs exercise to little and often as any strenuous training can cause heatstroke. 
All dog breeds are at risk of suffering heat stoke, but be particularly mindful if you own any of the following breeds which are at a higher risk than others
- Short Nose Breeds 
- Long Haired Breed
-Puppys/Young Dogs
Wishing you all a happy & safe summer xx
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