Bath Time!

We hope you are enjoying our grooming tips so far! After you have checked those paws and given your dog an important pre-bath brush your ready to hit the tub! 

Before you bathe!! Please check the instructions of your dog shampoo - we highly recommend you use (what we use in salon) For All Dog Kind, each one smells like a little spa treatment and they have different types to cater to your dogs needs. It's also vegan & cruelty free.

1. Pre-Rinse

Most at home dog shampoos require a pre-rinse which means wetting your dogs coat before applying the shampoo. PLEASE be super careful when doing this not to get water in your dogs nose, ears and eyes at any time throughout the whole process. Make sure you wet all of your dogs coat to get a good lather!

2. First Shampoo 

Check your individual shampoos instructions before using correctly. Place a 50p size piece of shampoo in your hands and work in sections from the rear of your dog forwards. Make sure to lift up feet and scrub those underneath areas. Also be very gentle around face. 

3. Rinse + Repeat

Begin to rinse your dog beginning from front to back and ensuring all suds are removed. Then repeat the shampoo process for a second time and you should see a bigger lather occur as the coat cleans. Rinse for a final time checking that the water is running clear for a squeaky clean finish. 

4. Drying 

Scoop your dog up and towel dry until coat is damp. If your dog allows you to use the hair dryer ensure it is on a luke warm setting and cool around the neck and head. Please consider your dogs hearing and don't be too close or too loud. Blow the dryer on the coat and using your slicker brush, brush the hair until dry. I like to do this in sections, starting with body, back legs, tail, front legs then finishing with the head. 

Top Tips: 

For nervous dogs we recommend using a snood, which will protect their ears and apply a hugging type pressure across their heads to keep them reassured. They are available to purchase here  

If you have a dog that dislikes the bath time procedure, why not try a Lick mat - you can stick it on the opposing shower wall and smear it with a dog treat like peanut butter and it will keep them preoccupied during bath time. Shop the item here 

Thank you for reading grooming tips, we look forward to giving you at home advice for your pups...

Thanks Jill xx