Aesop Animal - Product Review

On a trip to Paris, wandering the streets of Saint-Sulpice I came across one of my favourite stores, Aesop. Browsing their selection of invigorating lotions & potions (Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash being my personal recommendation) I discovered they have introduced to their range, Aesop Animal. A blend of Lemon Rind, Tea Tree Leaf and Spearmint Leaf designed to be -
'gentle, effective and deodorising fur and body wash for the significant animal in your life' 
Of course this was an instant purchase for me, having 3 dogs that get up to no good back home, weekly bathing sessions are a must! The cost of this item was £25 for large 500ml bottle inclusive of hand pump. The bottle was beautifully wrapped in a drawstring logo cloth bag with a number of personal samples for myself, which I thought was a lovely touch. The lady at the store could not have been more helpful and I would recommend that anyone in the area should give this branch a visit.
Upon returning home I needed a volunteer to test out Aesop Animal...Introducing Lulu Sparkle the Pug, although she has no specific skin irritations or conditions I thought it best to further look into what the product promised, on the bottle it states the following -

'Cleanse and maintain healthy fur and skin with regular use of this concentrated wash. Weekly use provides optimum care and conditioning and the mild botanical formulation is suitable for the most sensitive animal skins. Massage generously into wet coat then rinse well. Safe for use on human fur and leaves animal smelling less animal.'

Having dogs with sensitive skin myself, this wash is the perfect addition to their selection. One notable thing about Aesop Animal is the smell! Almost heavenly, its sharp mix gives a clean and fresh scent - prominent tones of spearmint and tea tree add a soothing feel to the hint of lemon.

 Lulu - Alfie & Bear Dog Groomers

The product was easy to use and created a great lather and cleansed really well, when dried Lulu was left with soft and beautifully smelling skin and fur. I would recommend doing 2 full body washes with the product to full remove excess oil and dirt from the fur. I would definitely recommend this to any dog or pet lover, in-spite of some views that this is a luxury pet product, I do truly believe you get a lot of product for your money, and the scent it provides is extremely unique in comparison to what is currenty on the market.

Aesop Animal is available to buy online here: